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A Fond Farewell to Keith Simpson as he Retires

Keith Simpson – Just Housing Group’s Co-Founder and Business Development Director – will be stepping down at the end of this month as he heads into his well-deserved retirement years.

At the age of 73, we are sad to see Keith step down in the business – however he will still support the company on an ad-hoc basis as a specialist advisor to JHG.

Keith has certainly made an impact in the housing sector and is very well known for his direct and open approach, never afraid to challenge the status quo.

Speaking about Keith’s retirement, Kevin McCarthy, Executive Chair and Co-Founder said: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Keith to build the foundations and continued successes at JHG. It has sometimes been tempestuous but always fun! He has made a huge contribution to social housing and once met is rarely forgotten.”

As Founder and Chair of the Direct Works Forum – a representative body for Housing Associations, Local Authorities and RSLs employing their own trades staff to undertake repairs and maintenance – Keith will continue to take a keen interest in the forum and continue with his passion for improving direct labour services and finding young people routes into work.

We will miss Keith’s unique style and business approach. As a company we have been planning for Keith’s exit for a while and we are looking forward to building on the success of his legacy.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Keith all of the best in his retirement and we believe there is no doubt that without Keith’s candour and bluntness, the sector will certainly be a duller place!

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