Behavioural Insights Interactive Workshops

Designed to enable organisations in social housing to increase performance and reduce costs, Behavioural Insights is a new and innovative approach that JHG is bringing to the sector.

Already prominent across a broad range of sectors, Just Housing Group and its leading associates have spent over three years pioneering the application of behavioural insights in social housing. Working with providers across the UK, we have successfully run over 20 randomised controlled trials addressing challenges such as income collection, repairs demand, gas safety access and channel shift, proving the concept works.

What is Behavioural Insights?

Behavioural Insights (BI) and ‘Nudge’ theory harness what we understand about how people really behave, to encourage them to behave in the way that we need them to. The behavioural sciences have highlighted patterns of human thought and behavior that are ‘predictably irrational’ – we often don’t act in our own best interests. This understanding allows us to make small changes in the way we operate that can have a significant impact on customer behaviours – changes that benefit your organization and your customers. Governments around the world have been using BI for several years now, and in the UK the approach has been widely tested and now used routinely by HMRC, DVLA, energy suppliers and public health.

Explore how Behavioural Insights can help you address a range of organisational challenges:

  • Reduce rent arrears
  • Prepare for UC roll out
  • Manage repairs demand
  • Increase first access rates
  • Accelerate digital take-up
  • Create greater efficiency in teams
  • Promote evidence-based practice
  • Culture shift

JHG Behavioural Insights Smash Courses

Our one-day interactive smash course is designed to give providers a hands-on experience of this innovative and proven approach and how it can be adopted by an organisation. The full-day interactive workshop takes delegates through all the key stages of a behavioural insights project. Combining case studies, background resources and practical tools, the emphasis is on tackling a live business issue facing your organisation.

Delegates will leave with a practical understanding of:

  • Data analytics and segmentation
  • Qualitative research and customer insight
  • Nudge principles and behavioural economics
  • Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) and Evaluation

Upcoming Smash Courses

  • 9th Nov – Edinburgh, Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Limited | 95 McDonald Road | Edinburgh | EH7 4NS sign up
  • 15th Nov – Norwich, Flagship Group | 31 King Street | Norwich | Norfolk  | NR1 1PD sign up
  • 30th Nov – Bristol | Alliance Homes | 40 Martingale Way | Portishead | BS207AW sign up

In addition to a framework for implementing a live behavioural insights RCT defined by your organisation.

Upcoming Smash Courses

Format: 1 day interactive workshop
Course leaders: Steven Johnson, Behavioural Insights Special Advisor & Anna O’Halloran JHG (Consultancy ) MD
Preparation: A small amount of pre-work will be required in the run-up to the session
Takeaways: Delegates will receive copies of all resources and tools used in the session. An RCT design and implementation framework, completed over the course of the session

Price: £299 per person (excludes VAT)