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Discover More About Our Behavioural Insights Smash Course Leaders

Our Consultancy Managing Director, Anna O’Halloran and Behavioural Insights Specialist Advisor, Steven Johnson are set to deliver our unique Behavioural Insights Smash courses over the next few months, and we thought we would take this opportunity provide you with some background on the pair and their previous experience.

Both Anna and Steven have extensive experience delivering change within the housing sector and beyond. They bring an abundance of passion and knowledge to our full-day interactive workshops and present delegates with a tried and tested approach to behavioural insights.

Anna has been a valued member of the team at JHG for the past couple of years, leading the consultancy service division to deliver creative solutions that have proven to reduce operational costs and improve performance for our clients. Anna possesses over three decades of hands-on experience in various different roles with several housing associations and local authorities. She has successfully led many ground-breaking rent projects significantly transforming how key organisations operate, as such driving savings and improving performance.

Steven is a professional speaker, writer and freelance consultant and over the past decade has led multiple social and behavioural change projects that are still active across the UK, Europe and North America. He specialises in behavioural insights research and design, addressing public health, sustainability and social housing issues and his work has previously received recognition from the Design Business Association, IPA, AHC, D&AD, How-Do and the German Design Council.

For the past two years Steven has primarily focussed on working with many social housing providers and has worked alongside Anna and other JHG associates to design and implement over 20 randomised controlled trial (RCTs) based on rigorous data collection, analysis and testing. He has previously worked with impressive organisations including the likes of RSPCA, WRAP, The Guardian, Unilever, MARS, Government of Ontario and Capita.

Most recently, JHG has delivered its leading Behavioural Insight Smash Courses to multiple organisations including Taff Housing, Peabody, Curo, Family Housing, London Borough of Southwark and many others. From these sessions, we have received fantastic feedback and we are very much looking forward to our upcoming workshops.

If you would like more information about our Behavioural Insights Smash Courses, visit here.

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