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JHG Helps You to Engage with Your Tenants

Are you engaged as much as you think you could be with your tenants? Do you think you have much influence over their behaviour?

What if there was an approach that you could adopt to encourage your tenants act in a way that you want them to – would you want to know more?

Just Housing Group will be hosting its innovative one-day interactive Behavioural Insights Workshops that can help you to do exactly that. If you want to know how your current activities are performing and implement new approaches to your organisation to not only increase performance, but also significantly reduce costs through demand management as a result of influencing behaviour, then you need to attend one of our sessions.

Our work to date with organisations that have engaged with Behavioural Insights has proven that the approach can lead to:

  • Increased rent payments
  • Faster rent payments
  • Greater tenant engagement
  • Less tenant engagement (if that’s the aim)
  • More successful rent payment agreements
  • Manage repairs demand
  • Increase first rate access
  • Prepare for UC roll out.

Most recently, we delivered a Behavioural Insights session at Taff Housing with an emphasis on rent collection. Since applying the approach, in just a short space of time, Taff Housing group has increased its tenant engagement from 46% to 82%. The organisation is currently looking into expanding the approach to further improve its performance.


Our approach is simple and extremely easy to integrate. The courses are open to all levels within the social housing sector.


Find out more here about our upcoming courses and book your place early to avoid disappointment.



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