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JHG Launches Our Innovative Approach to Reduce the Demand for Repairs

We are delighted to introduce a new approach to reducing the demand for repairs. As repairs continue to be the biggest expenditure faced by social housing landlords, our unique approach is set to alleviate pressure and reduce costs through tackling the problem of repairs demand head on.

We will be working alongside our clients to look at repairs from a totally different angle and assess what is actually driving tenant behaviour and why they are reporting repairs.

We will be working with social housing providers to identify groups or clusters of tenants that report more repairs than others, especially when the reports are not necessarily driven by the condition of the property.

Once we have determined which clusters of tenants are costing our clients the most, we will implement proven behaviour change techniques, often known as ‘Nudge’, to reduce the numbers of repairs reported.

Several initiatives previously implemented by social housing providers have already proven to be successful in facilitating savings within their repairs division, however these approaches have generally focused on streamlining an organisation’s repair function, not necessarily tackling the problem of repairs at the core.

We believe our approach has the potential to reinvigorate how social housing providers look at their repairs, and as such, will add significant value and play a pivotal role in reducing demand leading to substantial financial savings, along with encouraging tenants to engage differently with their homes.

Our new approach will be headed by Anna O’Halloran, our Consultancy Managing Director. If you have any questions at all, or would like to know more, please get in touch with her at anna.ohalloran@justhousinggroup.co.uk.

Alternatively, find out more at: http://www.justhousinggroup.co.uk/reducingrepairs/


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