Futures Housing Group Working with Just Housing Group Systems

Futures Housing Group Requirements

With the appointment of John Thornhill to Procurement and Contracts Manager at Futures Housing Group, the organisation was looking to implement a comprehensive and efficient procurement system to suit the business needs. The system needed to link to contract management to drive, manage and monitor the procurement programme whilst delivering contractor performance.

By deploying the Just Housing Groups, Geometra systems, Futures Housing Group has implemented an award winning contract management process that rivals any in the commercial sector and which will ensure that the social housing provider makes substantial efficiency savings and avoid hidden costs and problems in its contract management programme.


The Challenge

  • To transform the perception of procurement from a one off event to a continual process that has a purpose and a benefit
  • To implement a commercially proven model that would contain and manage contracts throughout their lifespan, contain overrun and deliver best value
  • To develop a system that would seamlessly manage upwards of 100 live contracts, move fluidly across them and enable the extraction of information at a detailed level
  • To deliver a system that would undertake supplier performance assessment and measure delivery against contractual KPIs and SLAs


Why Just Housing Group

  • Over a decade of experience delivering support services and contract management excellence across social housing projects
  • A premium provider bringing innovation to social housing contract management, implementing software that accurately measures supplier performance and compliance
  • The implementation of a contract management system that effectively integrates all contract information and where information can be extrapolated at the finest level
  • A history of driving value from the procurement cycle, reducing duplication and wastage
  • A specialist in driving efficiencies across contract management programmes and multi layered supply chains.


The Solution

  • The implementation of a software management system integrating full contracts register, supplier performance management and contract compliance monitoring
  • The effective management of multiple contract delivery across a housing portfolio of 8,000 properties and with significant efficiency opportunities created.



  • A registered social landlord hailed in its sector as a beacon for contract management delivery
  • A recognition of Future Housing Group as an innovative and progressive leader in supply chain management
  • The recognition of individuals who have implemented the system as pioneers in the social housing arena
  • A contract management system that has won consecutive industry awards including the ACA’s Annual Award for innovation in Partnering 2013 (Highly Commended) and the Government’s Excellence in Public Procurement Awards 2015/16 Contract Management Initiative of the Year.


John Thornhill of Futures Housing Group said:

“We needed an uncomplicated system that would appeal to service users yet provide a robust platform of recording and monitoring contracts that leaves service users able to get on with their day jobs. In the background the Geometra System keeps an eye on progress providing timely contractor surveys and assessments. It drives our procurement programme allowing my team to provide budget holders ample time to help us prepare for re-tender.”

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