Just Housing Group Working With Midland Heart

Project Summary

Working with one of the UK’s largest housing, care and support businesses, Midland Heart, Just Housing Group conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s delivery in its repairs and maintenance division to recognise areas where substantial savings could be made. Three years down the line, following the review and implementation strategy, the company has reported savings of £10m.


The Challenge

  • To deliver a review and comparison of Midland Hearts’ Repairs and Maintenance performance against benchmarked industry best practice
  • To determine accurately how the service was performing to identify core areas of improvements
  • To implement new approaches to create considerable financial savings
  • To improve performance and drive efficiencies across the management and maintenance of housing stock.


Why Just Housing Group

  • Over a decade of experience delivering support services and contract management excellence across social housing projects
  • A premium provider bringing innovation to social housing contract management, implementing software that accurately measures supplier performance and compliance
  • The implementation of a contract management platform that effectively integrates all contract information and where information can be extrapolated at the finest level
  • A history of driving value from the procurement cycle, reducing duplication and wastage
  • A specialist in driving efficiencies across contract management programmes and multi layered supply chains.


The Solution

  • Merge the roles of Development Director and Technical Director into one to create the role of Group Director of Assets. This decision was made to give end to end housing responsibility to one person, Carl Larter in order to effectively oversee all areas
  • Delivering an in depth internal review
  • Providing and implementing a strategy following the outcome of the review
  • Increase skill levels
  • Employing methods including identifying duplication, implementing plans to reduce waste and improving overall processes.



  • Since commissioning a review of its delivery Midland Heart has saved £10m in its repairs and maintenance division
  • There has been a comprehensive shake up of the companies Repairs and Maintenance division including:
  • A restructuring of the existing £2m a year DLO
  • An internalisation of the £10m repairs contract
  • TUPE of staff and operatives together with new T&Cs
  • The implementation of a new payment incentive scheme
  • The introduction of a new E-procurement and Contract Management software
  • Improvements to training, technical understanding and financial reporting
  • The recruitment of new staff and the development of a new works depot
  • After 18 months Midland Heart has reported for the first time zero sickness
  • Productivity has increased by three jobs per employee on average
  • Significant reduction in the budget both for repairs and voids.

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