SHAL Working in Partnership with Just Housing Group

SHAL’s Requirement

In response to the challenges faced in the sector SHAL have been diligently exploring ways of applying commercial improvement thinking to every aspect of their business without losing sight of their overriding objectives of service, provision and value.

As part of their programme to understand more completely their assets and liabilities SHAL decided to undertake a complete stock condition survey delivered by partnering with Just Housing Groups surveying division, Geometra.

The Challenge

  • To accurately assess repair and maintenance exposure based on need and evidence
  • The requirement for a comprehensive stock condition survey that accurately determined investment and expenditure required for repairs and maintenance over a 30 year period
  • The development of a comprehensive 30 year plan that would drive process improvement based on opportunities for efficiencies in every contracted requirement.


Why Just Housing Group

  • Geometra have over a decade experience delivering support services and surveying excellence across social housing projects
  • A premium provider bringing innovation in stock condition surveys, implementing software that accurately assesses repair and maintenance requirements across social housing stock
  • A software system that effectively analyses data in order to provide financially accurate 30 year plans
  • A history of driving value from the procurement cycle
  • A track record of supporting and enabling local communities to thrive through improved social value and decrease the pound to miles ratio
  • A specialist in driving efficiencies across multi measure repair and maintenance programmes and complex supply chains.


The Solution

  • Provide SHAL’s first stock condition survey offering that combines software, best practice survey data gathering and housing knowledge
  • Through the software, implement a system that will robustly inform on repair and maintenance requirements and accurately predict the funding levels required to maintain properties
  • A software and process driven approach that will determine housing measures over a 30 year time frame
  • The production and submission of an accurate and evidence based 30 year plan that will facilitate the opportunity to target operational efficiencies, financial savings and reduce borrowing.



  • The completion of a comprehensive stock condition survey that has effectively outlined repair and maintenance requirements for up to 30 years
  • The implementation of a bespoke stock survey software has enabled SHAL to measure its repair and maintenance exposure with accuracy and longevity
  • The ability to determine what measures need to be delivered rather than what might be delivered
  • The blueprint for robust 30 year plan
  • The capacity to reduce gearing of financial arrangements.


Speaking about the partnership, Angela Gascoigne, CEO at SHAL said:

“Robust and comprehensive stock data is essential to ensure that SHAL is able to take a financially intelligent approach to active asset management so we can continue to provide and build homes for households on low incomes. This ensures that we are able to refresh our property portfolio, make a positive contribution to the communities we work in and give families and individuals the foundation they need to build a great future for themselves. We work as commercially as possible in order to maximise our impact for those with less than most and that means having decent data about and actively managing our stock, the backbone of our business, and continually learning and working in new ways which is at the heart of our business.”

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