Taff Housing Association Working with Just Housing Group

Project Summary

Working with community-based Taff Housing Association, Just Housing Group delivered a one-day smash course in behavioural insights. The course focused on rent collection and how this could be improved through applying behavioural insights. Following on from the session Taff Housing Association has implemented nudge techniques as part of a trial and has seen a significant increase in tenant engagement. The organisation is currently looking to implement nudge further.


The Challenge

As with all housing associations, Taff Housing has experienced challenges with its rent collection. On average the organisation was receiving a response rate of 46% when sending out its stage 1 letter to its tenants. This is something that the housing association was keen to improve in order to enhance performance and drive cost savings.


Why Just Housing Group

  • Over a decade of experience delivering support services and contract management excellence across social housing projects
  • JHG is the first business in the UK to bring the theory and approach of behavioural insights to the social housing sector
  • JHG and its leading associates have spent over three years pioneering the application of behavioural insights
  • Working with providers across the UK, JHG has successfully ran over 20 randomised controlled trials addressing challenges such as income collection, repairs demand, gas safety access and channel shift, proving the concept works.


The Solution

JHG’s Consultancy Managing Director, Anna O’Halloran delivered a one-day Behavioural Insights Workshop. Designed to give providers a hands-on experience of the innovative behavioural insights approach – a theory formed around the principle that if we understand how people behave we can encourage them to behave in the way that we want them to – delegates at Taff Housing Association were provided with all of the key stages they need to know to deliver a behavioural insights project focused around rent collection.



Following on from the workshop, Taff Housing implemented a randomized control trial (RCT) applying the theory of behavioural insights. The organisation reassessed how it was communicating at stage one of rent arrears with its tenants. Adopting nudge techniques to communicate via letter, text message and a phone call, in comparison to previous efforts, the success of engagement with tenants at stage one increased from 46% to 82%.

Taff Housing is currently looking at expanding its use of nudge techniques across the organisation to improve tenants engagement, ultimately driving cost savings and enhancing performance.


What They Say

“Anna delivered a great session with an emphasis on rent collection and the team really understood the theory and bought in to the concept. When applying the theory on our trial, the results were astounding!

I would highly recommend adopting behavioural insights in the workplace and using Just Housing. If you’re going to do it then do it properly to fully benefit. We’ll definitely be expanding our use of nudging at Taff. A big thank you to Anna.”

Rhodri Thomas, Customer Services Manager at Taff Housing

JHG - A4 Taff Housing Association - case study 2017

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