Reducing Repairs Demand

Just Housing Group is applying a completely unique approach to help social housing providers to significantly reduce their repairs. We are looking at repairs from a totally different angle, assessing what is driving the increasing demands for repairs.

Our New Approach

Repairs services is one of the biggest expenditures in the social housing sector. Although there have been important initiatives put in place to reduce this area of expenditure, the approaches generally focus around streamlining an organisation repairs division.

We have turned this around to focus on assessing the demands made by tenants. Working alongside our clients we understand which tenants are making the greatest demands on the responsive repairs service in order to make steps to change tenant behaviour.

How we do it:

  • Analyse your repairs spend (and other expenditure if you wish) per tenancy
  • Deliver a hierarchy of the most ‘costly’ tenants – those tenants creating greatest demand
  • Overlay this with your asset management data (stock condition survey) to identify anomalies i.e. where the stock condition data would not usually drive the level of demand you are seeing
  • Using your tenant insight, look for any segments or clusters against a range of variables agreed with you
  • Work with you, and your tenants, using behaviour change intervention and design solutions to reduce demand
  • Re-analyse your repairs spend after the new techniques have been in the field for a pre-determined length of time


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How this approach will benefit organisations:

  • Reduction in costs of repairs through a reduction in demand
  • Clear, concise data on trends in expenditure, repair patterns, and problem areas
  • Greater relationship between contractors and tenants
  • A marked balance in social behaviour and insight into triggering factors for repairs
  • Increased lifecycle of your property’s facilities
  • Access to our analysis tool for your own future projects

Just Housing Group has successfully built a strong reputation across the sector in helping our clients to reduce their expenditure and increase efficiencies in their repairs service. We have supported organisations to achieve great results through various approaches from in-sourcing and outsourcing right through to partnering. Although these approaches have played a significant role in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, we believe this new – and ground-breaking approach – will tackle the real issue of repairs head-on.

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