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Join Just Housing Group at our upcoming Behavioural Insights Smash Courses as we showcase our tried and tested innovative approach to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Already successfully integrated and applied across a number of sectors including energy, public health and routinely practiced by HMRC and DVLA, behavioural insights, also known as ‘Nudge’, is a way of using what we understand about how people really behave, to encourage them to behave in the way that we need them to.

To our knowledge, JHG is the only consultancy to bring behavioural insights – a proven approach combining data analytics with the principles of experimental psychology – to the social housing sector.

Costing £299 + VAT per person, our one-day interactive workshop is delivered by Steven Johnson, a Behavioural Insights Special Advisor and our MD Anna O’Halloran, both of whom have extensive experience delivering change within the social housing sector and beyond. Calling on experience of over 20 randomised controlled trials addressing issues such as income collection, channel shift and gas safety access, this course is designed to leave you with a practical understanding of:

• Data analytics and segmentation
• Qualitative research and customer insight
• Nudge principles and behavioural economics
• Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) and Evaluation

In addition to a framework for implementing a live behavioural insights RCT defined by your organisation.

Key Dates for Your Diary
9th Nov, 10am – 4pm – Edinburgh
Book here

15th Nov, 10am – 4pm – Norwich
Book here

30th Nov, 10am – 4pm – Bristol
Book here

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