Meet Our Team

John Swinney
Chief Executive

John's career has been spent working in local government

Amala Corera
Finance Director

Amala is responsible for all the financial and commercial aspects of the organisation.

Kevin McCarthy
Executive Chairman

Kevin holds responsibility for corporate governance and strategic management.

Steve Turner
JHG Systems

Steve’s career started in process improvement and procurement for Cadbury Schweppes.

Anna O'Halloran
Anna O'Halloran
JHG Consultancy

Anna has extensive experience working in housing having started in 1984. She has worked for housing associations and local authorities and her passion has always been for doing things better. As such, this includes setting up a rent payment incentive scheme, training the police on how to deal with ASB and managing the mobilisation of a new repairs contract. Helping others to do things better then became part of Anna’s role as a consultant and trainer for TPAS, which gave her a national platform for encouraging tenant empowerment. Supporting improvement became further embedded in Anna’s approach as she then became a Housing Inspector for the Audit Commission. Anna then worked at CIH as Director of Consultancy supporting over 50 different organisations to get better at what they did. Anna will be leading the consultancy service and working with a team of nationally renowned experts who will make a real difference to the housing sector.

Emma Barnes
JHG Housing & Interims

Emma leads our Energy and Housing Support businesses.

Simon Smith
JHG Financial Consultancy

Ian Hippach
JHG Systems

We have built Just Housing Group into an organisation committed to working with our clients to achieve efficiency savings, service improvements and innovation in delivery.

We provide:

  • Consultancy support and advice
  • A set of systems to help organisations in procurement and compliance
  • A network of interims expert in housing management and particularly repairs, asset management and direct labour.

Our experience is broad, our market insight deep and our skills set fits the drive for innovation and efficiency.

We have all worked in social housing and the public sector for the majority of our careers. We know what works and what doesn’t, what is achievable and can be implemented and what can’t.  Most importantly, we are acutely aware of the pressures facing the sector, the need to drive lean systems and, at the same time, find new ways to finance and maintain service delivery. Creating new style partnerships is an important element in this, and the need to deliver more for less is an imperative across the sector.

Working with you we will offer bold, yet pragmatic advice and solutions. We will provide support throughout the project process.  Our bid team is always our delivery team.

Our networks and relationships mean that we have an unrivalled insight into the market, political and economic environment. We always seek imaginative, yet grounded, ways of adapting and responding to the ever changing social housing landscape.