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Fuel Poverty Faced by Residents in Social Housing This Winter

Severe worries have been raised about the extent of fuel poverty this winter throughout the UK. Fuel poverty effects the most vulnerable of residents within our communities and can have such harrowing impacts on their well-being.

Last winter, it was recorded that there were over 40,000 classified winter deaths amongst the over 65s from flu and cold related illnesses. Those identified as the most effected are the elderly, disabled, unemployed and those who are living on benefits.

In the wake of our government announcing smaller than expected cuts to subsidies for small to mid-scale solar, wind and hydro projects there was a mixed reaction throughout the public. Especially with the news that plans will be retained for a £100m cap on the feed-in tariff scheme.

The main concern is that the government hasn’t fully taken into consideration the effect this could have on the social housing industry, as well as many other segments within the renewable sector. At the rates proposed by the government, the likelihood of ‘free domestic rooftop solar’ – free installation and supply of solar power to residential properties, availability is highly unlikely.

In the context of the fight against fuel poverty, this is a step backward rather than a step forward for the UK. Some have expressed their views in being that they would have liked to see the cost of installations looked over for social housing and exceptions made, to help those most in need.


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