Our consultancy team works with clients to identify areas for service improvement. We deliver creative solutions that reduce operating costs and improve performance through a variety of proven techniques.   There are three main themes to our consultancy offer. They are:

  • Service Reviews:

These are a core part of our offer and are most usually focused on asset management, repairs and direct labour services. The aim of the review is to reduce costs and streamline business activities to increase performance.  

  • Service Efficiency:

We have a long tradition in undertaking best value, value for money and benchmarking reviews as well as providing the associated consulting support around procurement and general service improvement.  

  • Environmental Services:

We have particular expertise in environmental services, and we are currently carrying out a growing number of reviews in this area.   If you want to understand more about our consultancy offering and our innovative approaches, please contact John Swinney at: john.swinney@justhousinggroup.co.uk or alternatively call 07976 345566.